Friday, August 28, 2009

Callaway//Davis Wedding: 7/24/09

I shot Sydney and Will's wedding about a month ago at the Cherokee Yacht Club.
It was a great venue and a great ceremony.

Thanks for looking!

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stevehurl88 said...

I went through all of the images, and you did an amazing job. Very professional work. I could point out a few things I thought could be worked on.
1. Get a shot of everyone at the wedding if at all possible. During the reception make like an announcement and try to get everyone in one great big group shot. Usually taken from above, like where you got a balcony view of the wedding.
2. The group shots, a few of them appeared like they were at a wide angle. I usually don't notice that, so I suspect you were pretty close up. Perhaps you didn't have much room to go backwards. But it mostly showed up with the groom.
Another thing I noticed the bride at some points had her head titled downward and toward the person next to her. So if you ever notice anything like that, try to correct it. On my grandmothers 98th birthday, I took 30 plus group shots with her in all of them and she started to lean her head in on a few of them, (and much more drastically) and since she was so old I was afraid to say something... but with a young beautiful bride, if you notice it, say something. You look like you care that much more. ;)
3. I've never been that big of a fan of black and white, but some black and whites have a very good look, and I can't deny it. I think yours might of lacked that crisp look though. Was it high contrast black and white? I'm not sure what it was, but it wasn't as appealing to my eyes as the color.
4. Post production: some of the colors maybe could of been edited a bit more. Usually, if I open a file to edit it, I'm pretty big on amping up the saturation and light and sometimes changing the hue a little bit to get rid of those annoying blue hues that sneak in.

I liked the great attention to detail though, the capture of hugs and emotions that were going on. Really great stuff! I know you had one flash on a light stand at one point, I'm curious about how you did it the whole way through. ((One thing I'm liking a whole lot about the new cameras, is that their ISO's are going higher and higher and the grain is still in control with the Digic 4 processors.)) My favorite lighting technique with one light is to bounce the flash off the ceiling, but it works best with decently low ceilings. Which wasn't the case at the prom I went to, nor this event, I don't believe.

Anyway, I don't know how many weddings you have photographed at before, but this certainly could pass as being done by a pro wedding photographer.